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Simply fill out your information in the form above.  We will evaluate your need for a solar power system based on your location and electric bill, and put you in touch with the best local solar installer in your area. You can then decide if it’s the right fit and start saving money with solar! In fact, many of our partnered solar installers can find solar rebates and solar incentives for you, so you could pay as little as no money down for solar! Now that’s Doing A bit Better!

We understand that going solar can be confusing – that’s why we want to connect you to the right solar installer in your area. The information you submit to DAbB is sent to a certified solar installer in your area.  We have personally screened these installers and consider them a trusted partner, so we know they’ll be a right match for you.

DAbB realizes that your trust is important, and we promise not to sell your information to spammers (we hate that just as much as you do!).  We will only distribute your information with your permission to qualified Solar installers, and you can opt out at any time by emailing us. You can read more of our privacy policy here.

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    Look how much money you can be saving by going solar! To get started, just fill out the form above and we’ll connect you with qualified solar installers in your area.
  • The White House is Doing a Bit Better!

    It was announced in October 2010 that the White House would be installing solar panels to its historic rooftops–we understand the delay, Mr. President. You’ve had a lot on your plate.

    The big day is finally here! Solar installers have begun their work this week. We’re...

  • Lumens.com Energy Efficient Lighting

  • This cinch-top dog bowl from Ruffwear is made with recycled polyester outer shell and a black nylon polyurethane-coated waterproof liner.

    Source: Bambeco
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  • Can You UpCycle 20,000 Plastic Cups?

    New York City is about to find out! Between February and May, CDR Studio will collect 20,000 cups from concerts, sporting events, and collection boxes. They will then be assembled into a giant serpentine structure in the pavilion of this year’s Figment Art Festival on Governor’s ...read more

  • The Cat Catcher by Go-Cat will provide endless fun for you and your cat. Cat Catcher has a tiny, cute mouse attached to a flexible wire at one end and the wire is connected to a 6″ glitter wand at the other end.

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  • Monday Tip of the Week – Getting in Shape th...

    As the New Year begins and it’s time for our resolutions, we’re pretty sure that getting into better shape is on a lot of lists. Gym memberships spike in January, with everyone trying to drop those holiday pounds. If you are thinking about joining a gym to use the various machines, ...read more

  • SunFood 100% Organic Sun-Dried Goji Berries. The Goji Berry is the world’s most delicious super-food snack. No preservatives, additives, or added sugars. Delicious in smoothies, trail mixes, or straight out of the bag!

    Source: Walgreens
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  • Do a Bit Better with Homemade Dryer Sheets

    We love this eco-friendly project from Pinning Gals. Save money and the planet by creating your own reusable natural dryer sheets. Commercially produced dryer sheets are made with lots of chemicals, but you can use an eco-friendly liquid fabric softener and upcycled fabric from old clothes to ...read more