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If you’re like us, you want to contribute to a greener, cleaner world but you are not ever going live in a yurt hut nor go dumpster diving to retrieve a thrown out soda can. You want to choose green products that are better for you, your home and your family, but they need to be high in quality and style.  And you are done with “green ideas” that seem to be for people with too much time on their hands or require you to have a degree in science (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Doing A bit Better, -DAbB-, was created for people like us. We offer real achievable ideas and guilt-free motivation to make small changes that feel good, and do good.   We believe that in making easy small changes together, we make a big impact.

Find out how you can DAbB today.

Things We Love: The staff of DAbB have personally selected products we love, and we think you will too. Each product supports an easy, real and attainable way to go green. These products are not sold by us, but by our partners with similar goals to ours. Therefore, when you click to get more information or to buy the product, you will be sent to that brand’s web store.

Solar: Solar is one of the easiest ways to go green. We have tools on our Solar section to help you discover how much money you could save, estimates on local/federal solar credits, as well as ways to have a DAbB approved local solar installer contact you.

How to DAbB: Our DAbB team regularly writes original content to give you information and motivation about easy ways to do a bit better – from family ideas to how to “upcycle” that old skateboard in the garage. In fact, each Monday we post one easy tip of the week to aid you in doing a bit better.

DAbB is owned, operated, and lovingly cared for by the good folks at Oōtem. Oōtem is an ad agency located in San Francisco. We’re a collection of creative and marketing geniuses (if we say so ourselves) whom have represented many environmentally-conscious products and services, from cosmetics to household cleaners, and solar / green technologies.

We have a deep passion to live a green-minded lifestyle without a complete lifestyle makeover. We know that a lot of people making small changes can have a big impact. We hope DAbB helps you find a way to do your part, in a way that works for you and your family.

All of the information, products and services you see in DAbB have been created or sourced by Oōtem - your personal DAbB team.

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